Many of us are totally disconnected to our bodies. Your body is communicating with you every day of your life.

When you practice yoga and any other form of mind, body and spirit exercise you connect to your body in an intentional way for the duration of your practice. When you make this connection on a daily basis your bodies voice becomes stronger and louder and you can her speak to you.

Yoga practice has been a part of my daily life for the past six years and in these past several years,  I have healed from all emotional and food related issues. I have developed a deep connection to my body and am now able to listen to, trust and respect her guidance, wants and dislikes.

Many times in our fast past world we are driven by the clock, the holiday season, work demands and family and we completely ignore the ancient wisdom our beautiful body wants to share.

I encourage you to create an intention to begin a mind, body and spirit exercise practice like yoga, ti-chi, chi gong or kong fu so that you can establish this sacred connection to your beautiful body!

In Love and Radiant Health,

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