It’s a NEW YEAR.
Are you going into it with your OLD money story?

By now, if you’re like a lot of people, a lot of resolutions have been resolved, declarations declared, and bold goal set.

That’s all great. A new year is a clean slate.

But don’t kid yourself. If you want to write something different on it than you did last year, something on the inside has to change, big time.

For example, the voice that says, there isn’t enough money to invest in your dream.

Or that you could never make the kind of money you see other entrepreneurs making.

Or that it’s normal to struggle daily with anxiety about money, or that you deserve to live in lack.

Or that you must charge less or give away your time and services, because of other people’s money stories!

If you have thought this way, the tough fact is, you will be at the exact same place this time next year if you don’t make a radical change TODAY.

Actually, you may even be worse off. Because you and your business are organic things, that can’t remain static. There will be advance or decline. You’re either growing or you’re dying.

The good news? Which direction you go is 100%  up to YOU.

6 Figures in 6 Months – The Healthy Way

Right now I’m looking for 10 seriously dedicated women (actually 7, because 3 spots are already filled!) who are willing – actually determined – to transform their money story and their health coaching businesses into 6 figure powerhouses THIS YEAR.

Women who are here to heal the planet and know that they can’t do that by playing small, hiding or giving in to doubts and fears about their own abilities or a poverty consciousness.

In just six months, I have the vision to make 10 women into spreaders of well-being, peace, health and love, with an effect that ripples out across the planet…

…and a bottom line that richly rewards their efforts and reflects their true, limitless value.  An abundance that allows them to give back just as generously.

6 Figures in 6 Months – The Healthy Way

How will we do it?

With my guidance, these 10 women will develop just the right messaging, marketing, systems and strategies.

They’ll do INNER work of believing in and charging their worth so they can receive the money they desire and deserve.

They’ll heal their money stories once and for all – so they’ll be able to create wealth whenever they need it…and shouldn’t this be a given in the wealthiest country on the planet?

And the sooner they do this, the sooner they’ll not only be making a difference with their own businesses but also be in a position to contribute money and time to causes they believe in.

Do you long for this to be you? Go here to find out more. But hurry, this program will fill quickly. There are only 7 spaces left.

You’ve got that clean slate. What will you write on it this year?


Questions? Click here to book free session to explore what a 6-figure business could mean to you and the planet, and how I can help you get there.

P.S. A $10k investment is serious, and so is my commitment to your success and the big vision I hold for you. When you experience the results in your business and your life, you will look back on your investment as minute in comparison. Click here to book free session where we can go over the big picture of what’s possible for you. If I don’t think you are the right fit, I will say so. But if I do, the sky is the limit for you.

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