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Happy Friday Blessings to you! April is a lovely moody month with abundant blessings of rain, flowers, sun, snow, warmth and joy.  For me, I’m dedicating April to sheer gratitude. Will you join me? It all started two days ago, when I met the amazing Lee Brower -featured in the movie the Secret. He is the “gratitude rock” man who shared his story of his friend in Africa’s son healing from a serious illness from the faith and belief in the “gratitude rock.'” (I hope I’m remembering  it all right:).

Lee has the most amazing infectious energy which you can feel the moment he walks into the room. He spoke about Vision and leadership and gratitude and love.  I left with my heart warm with joy and set on making gratitude my primary energetic state.

It works and it feels SO GOOD! I am feeling so grateful for every THING in my life. Before bed last night, I journaled several pages of all that I am grateful for, I woke up with butter fly’s in my belly feeling light and very peaceful and happy. We have so much to embrace and to be thankful for in this very precious moment.

Prior to meeting Lee, I had been very FUTURE focused on what I wanted to accomplish, my goals, my dreams and vision. The problem was that thought process kept me in an ego state of  “wanting” which means lack and it also kept me comparing and contrasting.  I placed a lot of value and self worth on attaining my goal and if I did not attain my goal my self esteem suffered. Has this ever happened to you?

I decided that this energetic roller coaster of attaining or not achieving a goal had to go. My value and who I really AM in not dependent on achieving or NOT achieving. In fact we are all born perfect!

Think about an 8 month old baby. What kinds of qualities do they posses? They radiate JOY, they are happy, fun, curious, fearless, free, open, unconditionally loving, trusting, kind, sweet, pure, persistent, determined, adventurous, innocent and the list goes on and on. Little babies are the best! And YOU were a baby once so you have all of those same qualities within you.

My coaching challenge for you this month is to embrace gratitude every day.  Start with the small and then let it expand. What a miracle and blessing that you have running water, a hot shower, a refrigerator, a cozy bed, sheets a pillow and not to mention your angelic children (or siblings), your gorgeous spouse (or best friend!), your beautiful body that loves you and the hundreds of thousands of abundant blessings in your radiant life.

I suggest that you really hone in on how grateful you are for your body. What a gift to be able to walk! Thank your heart for pumping your blood and your lungs for nourishing you with life force. Thank your belly for digesting your food and for being the seat of your intuition. Thank you legs for dancing, walking, running, and carrying you through your adventurous life. Thank your arms for hugging your loved ones. Keep going with this list.

Love your body and it will LOVE you too (hint: excess weight will melt off, you’ll get energized and feel lighter and more confident.) Everyone of us thrives when loved, why would your body be any different?

I’ll be sure to keep you posted on my gratitude journey this month!

I am GRATEFUL for you! Thank you and bless you a thousand times!

Love and gratitude,


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