I’ve been in Beverly Hills this week on a spontaneous VIP excursion and here’s what’s brewing in me for you. Would love to hear if you can relate to any of this. Reply back and lemme know! I love hearing from you!!

Enough is enough is enough of playing small, waiting, delaying and putting off your divine destiny and desires.

One sweet day is TODAY. Not tomorrow, not 90 days from now, or your next bday. It is NOW. Like MEOW!!

Stop f’in around, waiting and pretending that you don’t want what you say you want.

  • Just go ahead and ask for it and claim it like the bad ass you are.
  • You’ve always known you were born for MORE.
  • But you have been settling for LESS.
  • Scraping by.
  • Being ok with mediocre… OKness.

But there comes a time, such as today, when you just rise up and DECIDE to

  1. Own what you want
  2. Give yourself permission to have it
  3. Claim it as already done
  4. Act as if it’s already here and yours now
  5. F’ the how’s, the shoulds, the coulds and the why’s
  6. JFDI

Let it be easy.

Resistance is futile.

Just go and GET IT, baby!!

Get up. Stand up. Ask for it and RECEIVE IT.

What are you waiting for?


Excuses BE gandhi!

The only difference between you and any other successful rock star living their purpose is that SHE claimed IT. She asked for it and went out and GOT IT.

You can choose whatever you want in life.

It’s all a mental construct.

As aforementioned, I have been in Beverly Hills this week and in the city of Angeles you see the “beautiful people” and the “crazy’s on the street.”

Self belief is everything.

Whatever you think you are, what you deserve, what you can have, what you are worth is ALL in YOUR mind. IN between your 2 ears.

We are all God’s children.

Your past does not matter.

What matters is today and what you’re thinking, feeling and VIBING now.

So what will it be?

Who will you be?

It’s a choice.

Will you CHOOSE to claim IT or will you choose to stay stuck, mediocre, getting by, half ass happy life?

I am choosing to claim everything I’ve ever wanted. I am giving myself permission to ask for and receive EVERYTHING that I want.

I’m so done with playing small and getting by (even though I have an awesome life) I desire more. EXPANSION and abundance, support, ease, flow and FUN. It’s time. And you’re living your LARGE awesome life LIFTS your tribe up with YOU.

Everything you want, YOU CAN HAVE.

Love yourself enough and know how loved you are at your core. You are so worth it. You deserve it. You can have it. I love you.


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