Amanda’s Take on Healthy Snack Bars

In the world of convenience, we reach for quick snacks, meals and drinks hoping they will tie us over in between activities or until the next meal.  It’s a crazy, hectic life we’re living and time for home cooking doesn’t seem to exist.

So how can you eat healthy, affordably and on the run?

I wanted to share my top 4 favorites food bars with you!

1.  Larabar.  Raw, whole and organic.  They have various flavors to choose from;  my favorite is chocolate coconut.  The main ingredients are dates, some kind of nut like walnut, pistachio, almonds, pumpkin seeds, a fruit like apple, banana, cherries, raisins, etc and either lemon, ginger, cinnamon etc.  These bars are packed with quality nutrition, vitamins, minerals and enzymes and they taste delicious.  They really hit the spot!  Try their ginger snap, apple pie bar or cashew cookie bar.

2.  Nectar bars by Clif bar.  These delectable bars offer an organic, whole food source of vitamins, minerals, fiber and tastiness.  They have several flavors to choose from.  I love their dark chocolate walnut bar especially when I’m craving dark chocolate but not the sugar crash!  If you are more of a fruit person, try the cherry pomegranate or lemon vanilla cashew.

3.  Raw Revolution Live Organic Food Bars.  These are really good!  They’re vegan, organic, whole and raw with a variety of flavors.  They use agave nectar, coconut, sprouted flax seeds and nuts in their bars.  These are really scrumptious – it must be the coconut oil!  I love these and guess which flavor I adore?  Raspberry and Chocolate or Coconut and Chocolate (are you beginning to recognize a theme?).  If chocolate isn’t your thing, try the Spirulina and Cashew bar.

4.  Make your own bars – Here’s my recipe:

3 dates, pitted

1 handful raw cacao nibs (buy online or at your health food store)

1 handful of walnuts

1 handful of pumpkin seeds

1/8 tsp or less of vanilla extract

1 tsp coconut butter


Directions:  Blend all ingredients together in a high power blender like a Vitamix.

These are my top 4 favorite bar options because they are made from organic, real, whole, live, raw food from the Earth.  And they have no processed sugar, no added flavors, dyes, or unhealthy oils.  Keep it simple!

What about protein bars?  I think you can get your protein needs from a combination of whole grains and beans.  If you are a heavy weight lifter and feel you need a protein bar, then go for it!  No matter what, listen to your body and follow your heart!



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