Here’s a picture of me with Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith from Agape spiritual center in Los Angeles.  It was an honor and wonderful blessing meeting with him.  Sawyer and I have been “love streaming” his Sunday morning sermons for several months and LOVE it.  Being at Agape live was very healing for me and tears were just running down my face as I felt the presence of such deep love and truth in this powerful vortex.

This weekend we’re celebrating my beloved Grams’ 90th b-day. Here’s a picture with my mom, Grams, my sister, Sawyer and Johnn from last summer.  Here’s a fun thought: visualize YOUR 90th b-day bash.  This week’s article is a juicy one about feeling 5 pounds lighter by Saturday night.   Enjoy.

In Love and Radiance,


P.S.  I want to give a big warm welcome and virtual hug to all of the new subscribers to the Breath of Fresh Air

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