I’ve missed you the past two weeks but it’s for a good reason! Something magical has happened in my life! For as long as I can remember, I have desired to swim with the dolphins. So, when I was speaking on stage at my friend Christina Morassi’s Flip Your Switch live event last month, I met a real life mermaid who takes people out to sea to swim with the dolphins in Kona, Hawaii.

Swimming with dolphins

This is where the power of manifestation takes hold. When I met Dana Richardson, I told her with full blown conviction that I would see her in Kona. In that moment, I had DECIDED that I would swim with the dolphins. Mind you.. I did not know HOW. I didn’t know how much it would cost or any other details.  What I did have was a FULL BODIED YES and then I let it go.

Fast forward one week, my friend Christina Morassi decided to retreat to Kauai for a vaca. When Dana Mermaid found out we were both in Hawaii, she generously invited us to come as her VIP guests to Kona for a dolphin swim and a mermaid photo shoot! The experience seriously rearranged my molecules! Swimming with the dolphins was profoundly healing on all levels. I am still integrating the awakening I had.

My mermaid family The mermaid life

My soul has craved this freedom based FUN and adventurous summer living in Hawaii.  Can you relate? Are you living your dreams or are you watching others LIVE life from the side lines wishing that could be YOU?

Want to turn it all around this SUMMER and never look back?

Are you ready to live YOUR life on your terms supported by a thriving business that allows you to have the freedom based lifestyle you crave?


I could never have supported my family, and myself, in creating this lifestyle if it weren’t for my international coaching practice. Do you want a similar freedom based lifestyle where you can work & make money doing what you LOVE from anywhere?

As we’ve turned the corner into the final half of 2012, I am opening my calendar and my heart to mentor three 1:1 private coaching clients. If you are reading this and you are getting a FULL BODIED YES I want to be mentored by AMANDA privately feeling, then check out my 6 months to 6 figures coaching page by clicking here. Next, email my team and I right away to set up a discovery strategy call. You will know if this is for you.  I am so excited to be your guide on your journey to living your life based on YOUR terms making the money you desire and deserve.

Have a wonderful weekend! Be open to receiving more and more love and abundance.

My dream photoshoot

Love and Radiance,

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