Well friends that’s a wrap! My family and I are traveling back to our home and life in beautiful Utah today! Thank you so much for sharing the past 3 months living in Kauai, Hawaii with me! I am so grateful for you and our connection!

This week’s ezine is a quickie because I’m headed off to the airport in a few minutes but I wanted to share this super heart felt feature video with you about how to get out of a fear storm quick. I know that peeps like us who like to LEAP towards our dreams and JFDI (just f’in do it) weather our share of fear storms!

Fear is cool but only when you know how to navigate it and USE it as a tool to connect you deeper to your vision and your dreams. I’ll admit this video was taken early in the morning beach side right after I got to the other side of my very own fear storm. I tell ya- transformation ain’t always easy, baby but it’s always worth it!

There is a way out of every dark mmist, over a rainbow trail

I’ve got so much more juice to share with you next week on my first ever livestream on the 5 Secret Keys to Unlock Your Money Channels and ROCK your Freedom Based Lifestyle”?  Grab your spot and be sure to invite your sisters with this link!

Grab your spot and get rollin’ on the Wealth Wheel baby!

Have a wonderful week my love!

Abundantly yours,


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