Guess what?! I decided to extend my Hawaiian adventure another week — just because I CAN! Ahhh… it feels so GOOD to be able to go with the flow! That’s what happens when MONEY is flowing into your biz and your life with grace and ease.

It wasn’t always this easy for me to let go and flow with money but now that I’ve activated my JFDI (just f’in do it) muscle, it’s easier to EXPAND into my heart’s desires. Don’t get me wrong, I seriously go through my middle of the night FEAR-storms! But in the end every time I set my sights higher and I take a stand for my true desires the benevolent Universe always rewards my faith!

I want this for YOU…so I am inviting you to my special abundance biz training on August 7th, all about creating and getting on your own very own “Wealth Wheel”.  Go here to get your very own Wheel and sign up to be on the training series with me, where you can ask questions and we will get YOUR wheel rolling, so you can be rolling in abundance! It all happens LIVE on 8/7.

Be sure to enjoy this week’s feature video and learn how YOU can EXPAND into YOUR true heart’s desires!

I see you SOARING!

Abundantly yours,

P.S. Welcome and love from my heart to your heart to all of my new subscribers this week! You know who you are!

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