Yum! Yum! Yum! Life is so good! It’s been a juicy week receiving the love, beauty and abundance of Kauai! Hawaii is the epitome of all things feminine! Over the past 3 months living here, I’ve learned to soften more deeply into my feminine nature and how to receive all of the gifts I HAVE been given!

It’s so easy for go-getters like us to get caught up in on what we still WANT to accomplish that we lose sight of what we are receiving in this moment. When you learn to receive everything you have now; life slows down and you become more present and awake! And at the same time, it brings you to tears once you realize how loved, cherished, adored and supported you are now and have always been!

Be sure to watch and receive this week’s feature video training! I am gifting you with a super juicy visioning mantra and movement exercise that you can use right now to speed up your manifesting process! Enjoy!

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Have a wonderful week, my love!

Abundantly yours,


P.S. Welcome and love from my heart to your heart to all of my new subscribers this week! You know who you are!

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