Hi loves! OMG! So I have some seriously exciting news to share with you today! You’re invited to my FIRST EVER LIVE event! Woohooo! Happening September 23-25 in Park City, Utah!

My business has grown abundantly over the past 2 years and now it’s time for me to be with you live and in person for 3 full days so that we can POP your biz to your next level, unlock your money channels and create your plan to fund and fuel your freedom based lifestyle.

I have so much to share and to teach you and I need time with you LIVE in order to go really deep so you can create the abundance you desire in your biz.  Get your super hot value tickets right NOW at the juiciest early bird rate of $297!

(BUT you only have until midnight EST tonight to get in at this amazing easy investment!)

This link will take you to the POP Your BIZ live event page where you can watch my first ever professionally produced VIDEO message about the upcoming event and you can even listen to an audio replay from yesterday’s 10 Turbo Charged Time Tactics To Turn Your Expensive Hobby Into a real Biz Making REAL Money call! (Let me know what you think about my new pro video!)

You can tell, it’s been a super productive two weeks here in my Hawaiian HQ! And I almost forgot to mention that I ran into Will Smith AGAIN on the beach on Saturday morning.

It was the coolest thing! I was laying on the beach visualizing  and repeating  my mantra about receiving my desires and then my intuition told me to open my eyes and guess who I saw AGAIN right in front of my eyes? Yes! Will Smith running right in front of me in the flesh!! It was the best affirmation for my morning visualization process I have EVER received which affirms that I AM so on my right path.

This week’s feature video is one of my juiciest experiential videos ever where I take you on a journey through a dark cave filled with FEARS and “what if’s” and then back into the LIGHT! I love sharing real life experiences with you about how you can strengthen your entrepreneurial JFDI  (Just F’in DO IT!) “muscle”!

BTW.. Hello and big love and welcome to all of my new subscribers this week! I am so happy you are here and I can’t wait to get to know YOU!

Have a wonderful weekend wherever you are in the world!

Abundantly yours,


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