You may be hearing from me quite a bit this week because we just launched my super popular and raved about End Yo’ Money Drama 5 weeks to get off the Feast or Famine Roller Coaster course! We are creating a HUGE ripple effect across the globe as each woman is powerfully turning her back on lack, limitation, fear and scarcity and in turn opening up to the beauty and abundance that is her divine birthright.

It’s a movement that can not be missed! I envision the wealth consciousness of the entire planet being uplifted and transformed one woman at a time! Nothing gets me more fired up and passionate than transforming one’s wealth consciousness. I f’in LOVE it! Today, you’ll be able to get a little piece of this passion in this week’s new feature article where I answer the question, “Amanda, how do you invest in yourself ie.. join a coaching program or get support when you do not have the money?”

This is a juicy article, that can not be missed!

Here are some fun pics from my birthday week off a few weeks ago! I reunited with old friends for skiing adventures, dinner parties, shopping sprees, hot springs adventures and more.

Taking off last week was a HUGE Breath of Fresh Air to say the least! I loved the down time to be and to have fun. Johnn  (my hubby) and my nanny commented several times… “Amanda.. you are so happy!” I said, “I know! I haven’t worked all week!”

It left me pondering, how can I infuse  more of what I LOVE into my work week? How can I be happy, light and giddy when I have a million deadlines and action steps scheduled into my calendar? How can I loosen up my intensity and drive? How can I breathe more and BE more? How can I let go and be more in my joy zone? How can I trust my feminine intuition to guide me when I feel like I must push myself to get everything done?

I shot this week’s video ezine for you to answer these exact questions. I imagine that you must go through your stages of overwhelm and stress as an entrepreneur and you may wonder how you too can be giddy and light and happy and be successful at the same time!


Have a wonderful weekend!

Abundantly yours,


P.S. I want to extend a BIG loving virtual welcome to all of my new subscribers this week!

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