It’s my birthday baby! Thank you for allowing me to share my light with you! Two years ago today, I was struggling in my biz (BIG TIME) I had just $200 left to my name, I had drained my savings account and was in debt (Divine Energy Blessing the Dream). I was faced with one decision, SINK or SWIM. There were no back doors for me, I was either going to make it as a coach or I was going to have to give up my dream and go back to my social work job.

I chose to SWIM! Within 6 short weeks, I went from nothing to $54,000
and then on to cross the 6 figure mark a few short months later. Since I’ve slayed my money dragon and drama I now have a rockin biz that allows me to live in Hawaii 3 months out of the year having fun with my family.

My birthday wish for YOU this year is that you slay your money dragon and drama so that you can LIVE that mirrors your vision board.

So today, I want to give you the same transformation as a “birthday gift”.  I’m inviting you to my 2-call training and video series: “End Yo’ Money Drama” that starts March 12! Go here NOW to register – YOUR next birthday can be your happiest yet…with money as YOUR lover!

I’m off for the weekend celebrating with my BFF Christina Morassi who is flying in from California! Stay tuned next week for some great pics and videos!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Abundantly yours,

P.S. I want to extend a BIG loving virtual welcome to all of my new subscribers this week!

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