Last week, I woke up screaming in my sleep because a GIANT snake was ravishing through my house and about to swallow my babies in my dream. Two days later, my lower back went out on me for NO reason! You see, I was feeling overwhelmed by my massive 2013 VISION for biz, money and lifestyle and the FEAR was creeping in.

I literally was back pedaling and retreating into my comfort zone because I was scared of the unknown and the HOW to be, do and have it all! I was juggling about 14 HUGE balls in the air and I just couldn’t hack it and I wanted to take the safe and comfortable route.  Then, I talked with my master mind buddy BFF and she whipped my bunz back into shape. There is nothing better than having a BFF who is on the path with you and will hold you accountable to your vision even in the face of fear!

Fear is rampant and I say F**K fear! Are you in? Let’s dive into this week’s article on how to climb up and around the FEAR devil, look it in the eye and transcend into LOVE, expansion and possibility.


Have a wonderful weekend!
Abundantly yours,


P.S. I want to extend a BIG loving virtual welcome to all of my new subscribers this week!

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