I have just come off of a 5 day STAYcation where I dropped deep within my own heart for some much needed quiet reflection and rejuvenation. I loved being heart-fully present with my precious family and relishing in a total break from all things technology. Give it a try! Being a mom has taught me how to BE in present time consciousness and in that space babies get sick and plans change.

This weekend, I had the immense pleasure of hearing the divinely inspired Marianne Williamson give a speech after the title of her new book, Divine Compensation. It’s time for all of us to WAKE up to the abundance and plentitude that is our divine birthright.

She inspired me to dig deep for you in this week’s feature article on How to BE the savvy feminine entrepreneur who RECEIVES your SOUL Money Goal (SMG™.) The world needs US to be in our POWer with money. It’s your turn,.


Have a wonderful weekend!

Abundantly yours,

P.S. I want to extend a BIG loving virtual welcome to all of my new subscribers this week!

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