We are all CELLS in the same human body.Since I’m not connected to the media, I learned about the Connecticut tragedy from my family. I am, as we all are, deeply saddened by the taking of innocent angelic lives. I bless the souls and the family of everyone involved. Times like these make us stronger, deeply compassionate, and help us remember that

We don’t have time anymore to judge others, or to feel separate from ourselves or each other. We have a lot of work to do. Start seeing LOVE in everyone – including yourself.

The night of the shootings, I had an EPIC dream. I was flying in the front of the airplane (1st class) and the plane was crashing. I was able to communicate with the captain and flight crew and the passengers. I told the passengers to pray I then started laughing out loud with joy...and to focus all of their energy on us landing safely. We were ONE mind, focused on our desire to live and to be safe. The plane landed in the water, and then, after we UNITED our minds on LOVE, we blasted out of the water and landed on a city street safely. I got out to HUG the captain. On his HEART was a painting of a 3rd EYE. I then started laughing out loud with joy because he told me I was a billionaire.

This DREAM is of significant importance because 2 years ago, in the dark night of my SOUL, I had a dream in which I was at the back of a crashing PLANE and I was trying to galvanize the people to WAKE UP, but they would not see or hear me. The plane crashed, and I was filled with regret and sorrow that I could not save myself nor the people.

I had to hit rock bottom and go through the holy ring of fire in order to come out to the other side.

What about you? How has this tragedy affected you?

Today marks the Solstice - a very auspicious timeIt’s time for us to RISE up! Unify into ONE MIND, singularly focused on LOVE and UNITY consciousness. No more fear and separation.

Today marks the Solstice – a very auspicious time as we are ending a 26,000 year old cycle according to the Mayan calendar. So what will you be releasing, and putting an end to, in this cycle? What are you NO LONGER available for?

We are birthing a NEW EARTH based on LOVE, abundance, truth, wholeness, joy, freedom and  ONEness for all beings.

Get ready to shift!

Have a wonderful holiday week!

Abundantly yours,


P.S. I want to extend a BIG loving virtual welcome to all of my new subscribers this week!

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