Join me in sending healing loving energy to Mother EarthWhat a wild week we’ve we had here in the US. I hope you are well wherever you are reading this. Want to join me in this now moment in sending healing loving energy to Mother Earth and all those affected by Super Storm Sandy? Your prayers, intentions, attitude and energy significantly matter and affect our global family. You are that powerful so keep it positive peeps!

Everything is ENERGY, even the thought forms you have are units of mental energy. I’ve definitely created and lived my life by the fundamental principle that thoughts are things. This cellular knowledge has been the driving force in me creating my ideal body and a 6 Figure business that allows me the life of my dreams. I love sharing my secrets, tips and inspirations with you. Thank you for receiving!

I am in the shower!So, this week’s ezine video is a BIT adventurous on my part because well…., I am in the shower! Giggles! I love it! Read on in this week’s feature article below to learn more about how the way you feel and relate to money will either increase or decrease your money flows.

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Have a wonderful weekend!


P.S. I want to extend a BIG loving virtual welcome to all of my new subscribers this week!

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