Last week, I grieved the loss of my childhood friend/brother. He passed away at 40 from heart failure. He weighed 480 pounds of love. My heart goes out to Paul and his family who loved me like a daughter and a sister when I was a little child. My favorite memory with Paul is riding on the back of his bike as a child behind his RED hair and hearing him yell, “HOLD ON TIGHT and EVERYTHING IS GOING to be ALL RIGHT!”

That simple phrase has stayed with me my entire life because everything is going to be all right!

When someone I love transitions to the non-physical it WAKES ME UP to LIVE MY LIFE passionately, courageously and full heartedly. How about you? Where are you holding BACK in your life, with your VISION, with your HEART?

This week’s feature article will stoke the FIRE for you to ignite your burning passion to LIVE courageously and passionately.

With that said, can you help a sister out? I am really excited because I have a lot of fun ideas for new programs and products coming up that will really be able to support and serve you on your journey.

Can you please share 3 minutes with me to answer these 3 short questions? To make it a win/win for you, you get to walk away with $100 AMOX bucks! My treat to you for your support and time! You can apply your $100 AMOX bucks toward any future program or products I roll out in the next year. It’s as easy as that! The only catch is I must receive your answers by Tuesday the 16th at 12 MST/ 2 EST in order for you to qualify for your $100 AMOX bucks. Yay!

This is going to be YOUR best year yet!


Love and Radiance,


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