What a wonderful week we are having! I am LOVING this back to school creative-get-things done energy of the changing of the seasons. On the home front, Johnn and I have been on a de-cluttering mission. After living in our house for 7 years with two kids and all of our adventure gear, we needed a CLEANSE. He happens to be more of a pack rat so it’s invigorating to watch him catch on to my purification fire. We’re making space for lots of good things to come our way.

This week’s feature eZine video is for you if you have ever felt like you are not worthy or deserving or if you’ve felt alone and separate or filled with fear and anxiety about money. The truth is we are all connected and that the same energy that rotates the planets and sets the sun also is supporting and loving you abundantly. Enjoy a deep nourishing breath and allow yourself to merge with your desires.

Have a wonderful weekend! Be open to receiving more and more love and abundance.

Love and Radiance,


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