Riding up PUKE hillI’m not one to start slow and steady in anything I do. I’m all about fun, freedom and adventure in everything so last week was no different when I took off on my first mountain bike ride (25+ miles) post pregnancy. The last thing Johnn said to me (half jokingly) when he drooped me off was, “you better ride PUKE hill.”

Well, half way up puke hill, I started thinking about YOU and your dreams, your desires and your goals. If you want anything in life, you have to want it badly enough to allow yourself to receive it. The problem is most people give up WAY before they manifest their dreams and end up living mediocre lives. How about you? Where do you give up?

In tomorrow’s feature eZine video, I’m sharing my secret to becoming a Lean, Lovin’ Money Making Machine even when you want to quit. Enjoy! And I’ve got a little something FUN cooking in upcoming events for you too, if it’s a good fit.

Have a wonderful day! Be open to receiving more and more love and abundance.

Love and Radiance,


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