By Amanda Moxley

I grew up Catholic and have always loved Mother Mary for her silent, ever- loving grace. I never understood what it was like to be a Mother until two years ago. Now I have the utmost respect and gratitude for all women. Being a woman is a blessing to the world. Without women, none of us would be here. The human race would not survive. Thank you for all that you embody; you listen, love, soothe, heal, honor, caress, nurture and give generously of every piece of you.

At this moment, our earth and the world as we know it yearns for our love, our calming, quiet yet unstoppable power which can heal and transform the collective nightmare of fear and scarcity into love, generosity, compassion, and heaven on earth.

You are a pioneer of your vision for peace, love, happiness, freedom, fun and balance. You know intuitively that all is well as we make this incredible quantum leap out of fear and into love.

As a woman, you are able to easily and safely tap into your feminine energy. I know that many of us (Me included) are more comfortable in our masculine energy at times. However, the time has come to stop being afraid of your feminine power, potential, grace and ability to receive and tap into your omnipotent feminine energy.

I’ll share some ways that I get stuck in my masculine energy (Perhaps you can relate?) to demonstrate what I mean; constantly feeling the need to control everything, always “doing,” accomplishing, striving, pushing myself too hard rather than listening, allowing and trusting my intuition and infinite body wisdom to guide me; feeling competitive rather than compassionate, loving and generous. Not listening to the infinite wisdom of my body, forgetting to rest, thinking “I can do it all” rather than being quiet, resting and listening for guidance and then silently yet deliberately trusting myself and moving forward.

Women are in their feminine energy when we feel in the flow of life; we listen to and honor our intuition. We trust our bodies and ourselves with confidence. We become excellent receivers and easily accept compliments, help, guidance and allow ourselves to be loved and nurtured as we’d nurture our own child. We love every square inch of our body and soul the same way we unconditionally and whole heartedly love our children. (Or four-legged friends!)

I’m inviting you, from this moment forward, to boldly reclaim your feminine energy. Use this renewed energy to whole heartedly love and embrace every fiber of your being. Let yourself realize that when you love yourself, you are loving another. Listen to your heart and more importantly, powerfully and confidently allow your intuition to guide your body and soul on your journey. Trust yourself! Love yourself! Dance! Sing! Play!

I think that it’s very important to clarify that being in your feminine energy is not about being a feminist. I’m talking about energy. All of us are energetic beings. I’m talking about energy not about being a male or a female. It’s like yin and yang. Yin is the moon energy: nighttime, winter, cooling, quiet, introspective, receptive and simply being. Contrastingly, Yang is sun energy: hot like summer, intense, passionate, doing, active, accomplishing and extroverted.

To achieve balance, you’ll want to integrate both yin and yang energy. The problem is as a collective whole we are more comfortable doing, achieving, competing, planning, pushing, striving and going outside of ourselves, and are therefore out of balance. It’s time to weave in the beauty, grace, compassion, forgiving, receptive and ever-loving energy into our collective consciousness, regardless if you are a male or a female!


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