You know that story?

The one about something messy you’ve gone through in your life or business…

The one you think doesn’t matter…

…or that makes you look totally uncool or weird…

…the one you hope NOBODY EVERfinds out..?

Yeah, THAT story.

Guess what? It’s exactly whereyour POWER is to impact your audience AND your business. It’s what I call “ your seminar story.

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This story of yours –warts and all — is what attracts and inspires the exact people who will want to work with you and ONLY you, because you’re speaking directly to their hearts and minds.

But there IS an art to “nailing it”, so that it can grow into your message (that can become not only your seminar speech but your book, your workshop, VIP day, coaching program, Mastermind – or any combo!)

That’s what I’ll be helping you do in Get Visible And Make Bank!

Get Visible and Make Bank is my brand-new four week training that will unlock YOUR story and voice so that you can attract and lead the tribe that has been waiting for YOU to show up!

And I have these bonuses for 11 action takers, I’ll HELP you get visible by giving you a personal Get Visible & Make Bank 1:1 session with me so that you can have my eyes on you, your story, your message and your business plus 2 tickets to my Speaker Boutique Bootcamp in October! (These bonuses FAR exceed your tuition in value!!)

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It’s the fastest way for Amanda to get paid for being Amanda !!

See you in the spotlight being YOU!

If you know this is meant for you, jump in NOW while you can get the bonuses that will jumpstart your visibility and message!

Yes, Amanda sign me up!

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