Success Story

“Amanda had a powerful effect on my life for many reasons. Thanks to her in conjunction with all I learned at The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, I learned the high importance and value of eating fresh organic foods on a daily basis, especially living in New York City . This simple change has had an enormous impact on my health and life.

Amanda also is a kind and patient listener. In doing so, she was able to really hear what I was saying and give proper guidance accordingly. One example is how she encouraged me to take chances in my life and to never think it is too late to change. This has led me to do go on a Detox Fasting retreat in Thailand for a month and also connect with others who have inspired me to start a company.

Amanda really understands the process of allowing her clients to come to their decisions on their own, with total support. This makes her an invaluable health counselor to have on one’s team.”

Meredith Geller
New York, New York USA

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