Do you feel it? It’s your cosmic crown of consciousness. Most people are asleep to knowing they are divinely crowned and adorned with precious gems of reception, magnetism and communication.

  • You were created as God’s highest form of being
  • You have the power to originate thought
  • You have the power to THINK
  • You are a magnet
  • You are an energetic receptor and receiver

And I know this may worry you because the majority of the time your emotions are running your feelings and thoughts.

You’re senssitive and caring, highly feeling and deeply empathetic.

SO you swim in the ocean of emotion and it can drag you down into the lower realms of light. Anxiety, fear, lack, doubt, scarcity, worry, insecurity, separation and sadness impede on your day.

This is exactly WHY you need to energetically cleanse yourself and powerfully decide that your emotions are not wisdom. They are energy in motion.

You must discern what is YOURS and what is others and take back your power as a sovereign being.

From this day forward, stand with your spine straight knowing you are wearing a crown of divinity on your head.

Chin up.

And commit to this….

  • Guard your thoughts like a new born baby.
  • Eliminate distractions that suck you into the underworld
  • Know your traps and choose to NOT fall into them anymore.
  • Fiercely focus your mind on what you want and refuse to give into fears/ emotions that tell you, you can’t have what your heart wants.

Know thy enemy in your head and choose the light, the truth and the way.

Believe, know and feel that you are worthy and deserving of everything you desire because you are made from God and of God. You are HERE now with this precious human life. USE IT wisely.

You have the ability to THINK and create whatever you want.

And above everything remember that your crown is adorned on your head and everything you think, feel and believe you are communicating and receiving.

Focus with all your heart, mind, body and soul on what you want.

Pop into the higher frequency and watch your life, business and bank account SHIFT in an instant.

You can do this. It’s already ALL yours.

Claim it.



P.S. Give me a #crown in the comments if you’re wearing your crown or going to dust yours off and start wearing it as the powerful Queen you were created to be. 🙂

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