As you likely know by now, next week I’m kicking off the Ultimate You, Ultimate Life *free* training series.  Have you registered yet?

What you may not know is how NOT living your Ultimate Life and being your Ultimate YOU is hurting your body and soul.
Here are 7 ways to tell that you are off track (don’t worry because in the Ultimate You, Ultimate Life series I’ll show you how to overcome all of this.)

1. You’re carrying extra weight in your belly, hips or legs and you’re not at your ideal weight and size.

2. You feel anxiety in your heart and chest daily. This feeling leaves you out of breath, worrying, obsessing and repeating the same thoughts over 80% of the time.

3. You feel depressed, sad and blah throughout your day, especially when you wake up and are getting ready for your day.

4. Your job bores you and you long to be creating and living passionately but you’re paralyzed by fear that if you were to follow your heart you wouldn’t be successful, and worse yet you would be broke.

5. You crave unhealthy foods like sugar, salt, carbs, caffeine and alcohol throughout the day.  You use food to try to uplift and alter your mood.

6. You isolate yourself and feel that you are the only one  thinking these thoughts, having these cravings and wishing for a more fulfilling life.

7. Your intuition (inner voice and knowing) is telling you that if you don’t do something different now then you are going to be in deep trouble.  You may feel scared to change but you know that now is your time to take a leap of faith.

If this sounds like you then you simply must join me for the:

“Ultimate You, Ultimate Life Training Series”

Free Teleclass Series for Awakening Women

The world is a mess!  Over the next 18 months, it is crucial that each and everyone of us WAKE UP and start living in our genius from our heart’s in balance in mind, body and spirit.  This is the most exciting time to be alive in the earth’s history because in this very moment WE are creating a new Earth of unity, love, compassion, generosity, abundance, ease, flow, joy, peace and creative consciousness.

But we have work to do to get there.

The one thing that is absolutely essential for the awakening into our new world is the full liberation, healing, and honoring of the sacred Feminine. We are ending 5,000 years of patriarchy – with all its abuses, imbalances, and excesses – and entering an era of full partnership between the sacred masculine and divine feminine.

Last fall at the Vancouver Peace Summit, His Holiness the Dali lama of Tibet shared that “the world will be saved by the Western Women.” When I heard this I cried.  I know that I am here to help women awaken, heal and transform.

It’s a choice. You need to be on these calls.

You matter! You are important and we need you.

I’m doing a free teleclass series for Awakening Women around the globe as a gift to you and our planet to help us unite, collaborate, heal and courageously move forward into the light.

The world is waiting for you to step into the LIGHT and to SHINE your light on all of the world.  To uplift yourself first and then radiate your light like a gigantic sunbeam onto everyone you know.  You are divine!  When you empower yourself, you naturally lift everyone up around you.

It starts with you.

Now is the time to get out of your own way, just move to the side and allow the LOVE, HEALTH, JOY and PURPOSE to flow through you.

Start living in joy, ease, love, balance, compassion, service, generosity, abundance, peace and creative consciousness in this precious moment.  Right now, you are either consciously or unconsciously creating your life with your thoughts, feelings, images and beliefs.  In this moment, you have the most important choice to make and that is between LOVE or fear.

What will you choose?

I feel a deep calling within my Soul to step up and share my light, gifts and wisdom with YOU.  The time is now. Please join me for a very special teleseminar series to awaken, energize and spring you into action.

Click Here to Enroll In the FREE Training Series Registration

Call dates and times:

Call #1  Awakening to Your True Purpose
Wednesday September 15th at 6 MST (that’s 8PM EST, 5PM PST, 7PM CST)

Call # 2  Raising Your Frequency with Food
Thursday September 23rd at 6 MST (that’s 8PM EST, 5PM PST, 7PM CST)

Call # 3  The SOUL Root of Emotional Eating
September 28th at 6 MST (that’s 8PM EST, 5PM PST, 7PM CST)

You don’t want to miss these ground breaking calls;  however if you can’t make it live, I’ll send you the mp3 audios right away.

These calls are FREE for a limited amount of time and will be made available for sale as part of the Ultimate You, Ultimate Life Training Series product launch.  Each call is valued at $47 so be sure to mark your calendar and be on the calls or listen to the audio right away so that you don’t miss out on the SOUL inspiring and unique message I’ll be sharing with you.

Join me this September for the Ultimate You, Ultimate Life Training Series! Click here for FREE registration and to reserve your spot!

In love, gratitude and radiance,


P.S. Spread the love! Feel free to share The Ultimate You, Ultimate Life series with your girlfriends!

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