By Amanda Moxley

Have you ever been at a party, BBQ, family shindig or casual dinner with friends where you’ve completely overeaten?  It’s as if you are completely disconnected from your body while you are chomping on everything in sight (it doesn’t matter if it’s carrot sticks and hummus or french fries or bread) and then you come home feeling painfully full and mad at yourself for overdoing it?

Now that summer is upon us, no doubt you will be enjoying your fair share of social eating with friends and family.  The good news is that during the summer you are more physically active so eating more food is balanced out with the activity.

I want to get to the underlying EMOTIONAL reason you are led to overeating in social situations.  Are you a sensitive emotional kind of person or are you more of a critical, analytical just the facts kinda gal?  Knowing this will help you check in with how you feel pre-social festivity.

Before you go out hob nobbing, check in with your energy and note what emotions you are feeling.  Do you feel anxious, excited, happy, tired, worried, bothered, stretched too thin, confident, grounded, etc?
Take a few deep breaths, close your eyes and visualize a pink (or whatever color you love) ring of energy surrounding your body.  Next feel your feet grounded on the Earth and ground your energy, take a deep breath from the souls of your feet to the crown of your head.  Then set your intention for your social time.  This 2 minute energy alignment and grounding exercise will really serve you. 

Once you are in the party stay closely connected to your breath and be aware of your thoughts.  Stay focused on your intention and keep your pink ring of energy around you and your feet firmly rooted in the Earth.  Enjoy the conversations, friends and ambiance.

Before you eat anything, tune in and ask your body what it is really hungry for.  Is it hungry or thirsty? What emotion are you feeling?  What emotion are you wanting to feed?  For example, do you want to amplify the good feelings you’re having with some alcohol or sugar or do you want to numb yourself with heavier food because you really do not want to be there or because you are taking on someone else’s feelings?  Be honest and do NOT skip this part.  If you skip this emotion, check in — you will run the risk of overeating and feeling sick!

Next if you are going to eat, choose food you are truly hungry for and know will energize and uplift you, then find a quiet place to sit down with friends, bless your food by placing your hands over the food and taking some deep breaths before you dive in.  Then eat mindfully, chewing each and every bite thoroughly, swallowing, putting your fork down, smiling, breathing, listening and talking with your friends.  Make your evening more about your friends and family than about the food!  If you are in an uncomfortable situation where you’d rather not be, do not punish yourself by overeating; instead breath more and plan your escape while keeping your energetic boundaries in harmony.

The slower and more mindfully you eat while staying completely PRESENT and connected with your food the less you will overeat and the lighter you will feel at the end of the night.

Honor your body — stop eating when you are full!  You can do it.  It’s just going to take a few times to practice and begin a new habit but it will BE amazing when you do!  I promise.

I hope you have found value in this article and that you put its wisdom into action the next time you are out hobnobbing!

Happy Summer Festivities to you!

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