Where’s Amanda?
I’m in the midst of creating my most exciting, powerfully potent coaching program to date. For the past year, I’ve known and felt in every fiber of my being that I am ready for a huge LEAP in my business and overall professional and personal growth.  Have you ever felt something move you like this before?

Last week, I was on a beautiful much needed solo mountain hike and I was talking to my Source about wanting to create something HUGE from within me which would allow me to sink deeper into my role as a leader when the idea hit to create an almost year long coaching program with an intimate core group of women who really want to play full out, pull out all of the stops, and completely embrace, discover and claim their brilliance in BODY, mind and Soul through food and inner work.

I can’t sleep, I’m so excited about this next step and can’t wait to play and work with this amazing tribe of women in 2010!  I’m not going to spill all of the beans quite yet but I just want you to know that this program is going to be BIG and ONLY for the courageous woman who is ready to go for it in all areas of her life!

If your heart is leaping out of your chest as you’re reading this please send me an email telling me why 2010 is YOUR year to play FULL out in all levels of your life!  I look forward to hearing from you!

Don’t forget to do your Vision work during this month’s New Moon, February 13th!

Lots of love,


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