Summer is here and the living is easy! Hot, long days, quiet mornings and relaxing evenings under the stars make for a perfect time to cleanse your Mind, Body and Spirit easily with the support and abundance of fresh, local, seasonal produce.  Ten years ago, I dove in head-first to my first ever cleansing experience and it completely transformed my body – I released over 13 pounds – while having a total Mind, Body and Spirit awakening.

I envision a world where everyone is awake, living their truth, feeling and looking radiantly beautiful, healthy and alive, loving their life and playing full out. For me, my first cleanse was the pivotal point in my body transformation.  But it’s not all about the body!  The cleanse experience opened up a doorway and a clearing for my life’s purpose to unfold and to get crystal clear on my heart’s desires.  In the years since my first cleanse I’ve created a unique body and life transforming Cleanse process to guide my clients through their own releasing and awakening.  The next 21 Day Mind, Body and Spirit Cleanse begins on June 15th and I want you to join me so that you can:

* Look and feel hot and healthy for summer (think swim suit:)
* Shed unwanted pounds
* Skyrocket your energy
* Find your perfect “Yum Diet”
* Boost your body confidence
* Have the body of your dreams
* Know what to eat to feel energized and healthy
* Love what you see when you look in the mirror
* Feel peace with food and eating
* Be supported and successful
* Get clear on your heart’s desires
* and more!

This 21 day program is going to rock your world – starting with your body and trickling into every area of your life.

The investment for 21 days of radiant living is only $197 (that’s less that $50 a week for a new body!) until June 14th when the early-bird offer expires, so join us now and get started on looking and feeling better than you have in years!

In a hurry? Click here to register!

Yay!  I can’t wait to take you on this journey.  Ten women have already committed to the program.  Are you ready to join us?  With support like this, you are UN-stoppable!!

“See” you soon!

Love and radiance,


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