Happy almost Earth Day to you! Bless our wonderful planet. Taking care of your body, eating intuitively, seasonally and mindfully honors both your body and our precious planet. Keep up the good work!

You’re invited to a a powerful free teleclass next Wednesday April 28th on:

“5 Super Slimming Secrets to Weight Loss Radiance and Body & Soul Transformation”

This is the second call in my preview series for the amazing Radiant Body Soaring Spirit program “8 incredible months to transform your body, expand your creativity and step into your power as a woman to manifest all that you desire”, which starts in May.

This call is for you if you’re feeling your body and Soul calling you to release the old and recreate yourself in the image of your highest vision. Spring is the most magical time to commit to your dreams and I want to give you my 5 slimming secrets to Weight Loss Radiance.

5 Super Slimming Secrets to Weight Loss Radiance and Body & Soul Transformation

Wednesday, April 28th at 6PM MST
(that’s 8PM EST, 5PM PST, 7PM CST)

On this 75 minute all-inspiring call I’ll be revealing for the first time ever:

* My 5 Super Slimming Secrets for Weight Loss radiance and body and soul transformation

* Why weight loss radiance is an inner game

* The 4 most important foods you must avoid for weight loss radiance and to maintain a hot and healthy body for life

* The 4 weight loss traps you must avoid if you truly desire to transform your body and Soul

* Where to go next- How to get the support you need and put what you’ve learned into a life-lasting action plan so you can step into your ideal body and life transformation. Learn about the Radiant Body Soaring Spirit program I have created all for you and then take action!

I promise this teleclass is going to be **HUGE**! Get ready for a transformation!  (If you can’t make the live call, it will be recorded and you’ll receive the audio mp3 within 24 hours of the live call.)

Reserve your space here! It’s FREE!


Have a gorgeous Spring day! This call is truly going to be amazing. If you’ve struggled with your food and body image and if you are ready to RELEASE the old and create the new, be on the call! Register here

Radiantly yours,

Amanda Moxley
Body and Soul Coach

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