By Amanda Moxley
(Here’s a picture of me hiking the Na Pali Coast trail in Kauai at 5 months pregnant the summer of 2008.)

Believe me, based on personal experience and coaching hundreds of clients over the years sometimes following these 5 steps can be very challenging emotionally and mentally that’s why I designed my 30 day Whole Body & Mind Cleanse experience.

If you find yourself stuck in taking action with 1 or more of the 5 simple steps then you’ll definitely want to join me for my 10th ever 30 day Whole Body and Mind Cleanse beginning June 8th.

Summer is the time when we get to shed layers physically and emotionally. I love wearing tank tops, shorts and summer dresses all day long. These 5 steps will set you up for total body confidence and loving your body success! Enjoy.

Step 1: Stop eating processed white sugar.There’s nothing really good about sugar! The problem is that it is everywhere and we are emotionally attached to it. Try releasing it for 21 days to break the habit. Feast on fresh, local fruits and sweet vegetables instead.

Step 2: Take a break from dairy.
Letting go of dairy has been one of the very best healthy habits I’ve committed to. Start to notice how you feel after you eat cheese, yogurt and eggs. Notice if you remove it if any symptoms of bloating, headaches, post-nasal drift, skin breakouts, cramps or fatigue diminish. (You’ll thank me later!)

Step 3: Watch your wheat intake.
Gluten is one of the top allergens, and untold numbers of people have undetected sensitivities to it. Some problems that typically occur are numerous intestinal conditions like irritable bowel, bloating, flatulence (these should not be considered normal responses to food), numerous other unexplained symptoms, and yes, even impeded weight loss.

Step 4: Drink an abundance of water.
Our bodies are comprised of 70% plus water! How many glasses of water are you drinking each day? Add mint leaves, lemon or cucumber to water to spruce it up. Often times hunger is mistaken for thirst. Drink at least eight 8 ounce glasses a day and don’t forget to bless and give thanks for your water too.

Step 5: Adopt the 80/20 rule.
Life is meant to be amazing, joyful and fun! You’re going to eat differently on a Saturday night then you will on a Tuesday night. Enjoy yourself, don’t be rigid or religious about your food. Just listen to your body and bounce back the next day. Shoot for 80% of the time eating delicious, nutritious whole foods and the other 20% of the time eat whatever you desire and then let it go!


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