In order to make money love you, you have to love it! This week, I invite you to take an honest look at how you think, feel and behave about and around money.

Step 1: Notice and take copious NOTES about how you FEEL whenever you interact with money. Especially notice how you FEEL in your BODY when you release money (spend it), and how you feel in your BODY when you receive it. There is GOLD in here!

Step 2: Journal about how you feel about money: (Examples, I feel anxious, nervous, angry, sad, lonely, mad, pissed off, happy, joyful, excited, turned on, turned off about money etc)

Step 3: Tune into and WAKE up to your consistent and habitual THOUGHTS about money. (Examples: I hate money, I wish it didn’t exist, why do we have to have money, I wish I had more, rich peeps are bad, money isn’t spiritual, it’s bad to have money, there isn’t enough, I have to work hard for it, I can’t do what I love because I have to work for it.) Make a list of 50 thoughts you have about money.

Step 4: Observe all of your behaviors and actions around, with and about money. (Examples.. you always put everything on a credit card, or you are afraid of your credit card, you buy conventional produce rather than organic, you go to the dollar movie theater vs the normal theater, you skimp on tipping, you give all of your money away, you never track your money, instead of asking for the sale you trade your services.) Get it all out there.

Step 5: Begin to talk to your money on a daily basis. Ask your money what it thinks and feels about YOU. Journal about your relationship with your money on a daily basis like you would connect with your BFF or soul mate. (Examples, when you feel anxious about money, sit down and have a heart to heart with your money like you would with your loved one.)

The awareness you will receive by engaging in these 5 secret money loving tips has the POWer to rearrange your molecules! Enjoy!

I’ll be back next week with some more make money love you tips!

Abundantly Yours,


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