Dear Beautiful Woman,

I know where you are right now. I’ve been there and I know how frustrating, painful and hard it is to be stuck in a body that you don’t love or even like.  It’s sad and I know how much of your time is focused on hating, obsessing and worrying about your food, body and body image.

Breathe deeply, beautiful woman, and trust that you can heal, let go and transform into the body you’ve always dreamed of having or perhaps you had some time ago.

Here are 4 steps to CLAIM your Ultimate Body this YEAR!

Step 1.   Make the decision to claim your Ultimate Body! Now is the time to draw the line in the sand and STAND UP to YOURSELF and the Universe in full conviction and power that you are DONE WITH obsessing about your food and body and that you are ready to receive all of YOUR good.

This is where I see most people fail in claiming their Ultimate Body — because they are afraid of standing in their power in full alignment with WHO they really ARE at their core in unity with mind, body and spirit/soul.

Do not skip this step or you’ll be right back where you started, thinking the same thoughts, eating the same foods, and wondering “how did I get HERE again?”

Now that you’ve made your decision, you look around your world and it’s still the same.  Your best friend is on the HCG diet, your sister is on another fad diet, and they both want you to join them.  But you know there is a deeper level for you.  You know those diets are just temporary fads.  But you still don’t know what you “should” be eating, how much, when and what.  You feel trapped in your own body, surrounded by reminders of how you used to be, totally confused about what to do next!

Step 2:   Find a mentor/ coach or group who has manifested what you desire for yourself.  Find someone who is 10 steps ahead of you who can LIGHT the dark road for you when you feel lost.  Someone who knows the inner game and what it takes to manifest what you desire.  Working with a coach will FAST TRACK your success beyond belief.

Believe in yourself and know that with the help of a mentor and your investment (energy) in yourself you will undoubtedly manifest what you deeply desire faster than you ever could on your own.

This has been the secret to my success in body, life and business — how I’ve gone from a size 8 to my natural size 4 for my small frame.

There is nothing more powerful than investing in your dreams and then watching them come true.  When you invest in your growth and desires, it always comes back to you triple fold.

Step 3:  Cleanse your body regularly to release excess weight, shed toxins and let go of cravings for unhealthy foods.  But make sure you are cleansing in a conscious way, not with a dieting mentality which will only make you binge and gain weight again.

Bring spirituality into your cleansing experience.  I recommend cleansing with a group of conscious people rather than on your own.

After you cleanse, your intuition will deepen, making it effortless for you to know what to eat and how to stop eating when you are full.  You will also gain inner power, self confidence and self love when you spend time honoring your body with a cleanse.

Step 4:  Change your mindset and inner dialogue to what you truly want to create for yourself (this is the secret to everything!).

If you’re not getting what you want, you are getting what you create! Once you take full responsibility for absolutely everything in your life, you move out of the victim role and into center stage as the powerful creator of your LIFE!

If you’re constantly thinking mean, hurtful, critical un-loving, negative thoughts about your body, health and image, then you will manifest exactly that!

Please take these tips to heart! You truly are the creator of your body and life.

If you’re ready to dive deeper and really claim your Ultimate Body this YEAR *once and for all*, then you’re invited to join me for my
Ultimate Body 4-Month Immersion program.

Click here to read the invitation letter.  If you have any questions, email me and we’ll get started right away at manifesting your ultimate body and life!

I hope you enjoyed this article.

In love and service,

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