Fill Your Coaching Practice with these 4 Steps!

Step 1. Create an offer that you’re ecstatic about. Sell yourself on the offer first. Get pumped up on the hotness of this offer! Your excitement will begin to turn the wheels of the Universe to deliver you your clients. God’s always got your people!

Step 2. Answer this question “My Dream Client is” and then write out in full detail all of the juicy, awesome details of who she is. Here are some journaling prompts.

Answer these questions..

she is

she wants

she always

she does

she likes

she doesn’t like

she believes

Step 3. Uncover, root out and get rid of your limiting beliefs you have about receiving, serving, and working with her. This is a gold mine question to get clear on. Whenever you’re going to your next level of income and service, fears are inevitable. Go through exactly why you don’t believe you deserve it, are worth it, can’t find her, can’t do it, can’t charge that much, why it won’t work, why you suck etc. Put your pen to paper and get it all out there and then GO BURN THAT PAPER.

Step 4. Now write out 25+ new beliefs about why YOU can do this! Why are you worth it? Why do you deserve it? Why does she deserve it? Why can you charge that much? Why will it work? Why are you the BEST? Why are you an answered prayer? Why is now her time? Put your pen to paper and don’t stop until you BELIEVE IT. Then read that paper in front of your mirror first thing in the morning and right before bed every day until you meet your goal!!

Go for it!!


P.S. Give me an “I’m in” if you’re going to #JFDI (just f’in do it) if you’re ready to fill your coaching practice!

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