Special Announcement!

It’s cleanse time! I wanted to reach out to you today with news that the 21 Day Body, Mind and Spirit cleanse begins tomorrow night.

Imagine where you’ll be in 21 days! You can stop self sabotaging behaviors, understand emotional eating patterns, let go of sugar cravings and look and feel better than you have in years this holiday season.

There are only 8 spots left in this program.

If you are on the fence about joining the cleanse this is your last chance until Spring of 2011. So, why wait?

Finish 2010, leaner, fitter, happier, healthier, filled with energy and excited about life!

**Gift** yourself this opportunity – you deserve it and will be so happy you did! Your health is your most important asset!

In a hurry? Click here to register!

If you have any questions at all feel free to email me.

Love and radiance,


Read what Rebecca Clayton has to say in this weeks Cleanse Success Story then register here!

Cleanse Success Story by Rebecca Clayton
“I have never felt happier or more energized in my life.  I have to be honest, I was a little skeptical at first as to how well this was going to work for me or if I would be able to give up dairy and sweets for a month.

I also was at my wits end with food, stuck at a certain weight, working out everyday and I knew something needed to change, I guess it was me.  I found the whole experience was completely refreshing and Amanda was easy going and non-judgmental.

So, Amanda I am grateful that there is someone like you in this world that could help me be a better me.  I’m also grateful for everyone else in this group for sharing their stories and helping me keep on track and inspired even if I did fall off the horse sometimes.

I lost about 15lbs total so I’m around 125 and it feels pretty good to me but I’m not as concerned about the weight as much as being healthy and happy, although I haven’t seen that weight since my early college late high school years.  I’m also addicted to salads, I try and have at least one a day.  It’s funny, people at my work have started eating healthier too just by being around me and watching me, they also tell me how good I look.

My husband is really open to the new foods I’ve been cooking and he loves the way I look.  Everything I imagined for myself at the beginning of the cleanse came true.  I feel stronger, more powerful and more confident. Now I’m just focusing on continuing to be a healthier happier me.”

Rebecca Clayton
Salt Lake City, Utah USA

Inspired? This could be your story! Read more Cleanse body and life changing success stories here.

Take action now and join me and the other radiant women in this 21 day Mind, Body and Spirit Cleanse.  This is your last chance till late Spring 2011 to cleanse with me, don’t miss out!  Register here!

Your Body Transformation Coach,

Amanda Moxley
Body and Soul Coach

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