By Amanda Moxley

1. Make your holiday more about gratitude and thanks giving than about the food! Seriously! Thursday morning when you wake up grab your notebook or journal and write about every little thing you are grateful for in your life.

2. Do not starve yourself all morning in anticipation for the Thanksgiving feast.

3. Eat a healthy breakfast and a small lunch with lots of veggies and fiber.

3. Exercise for at least 1 hour and try to make it a cardio workout like hiking, skiing, running, Bikram yoga or power yoga, cycling or in line skating.

4. Fill up on self care and self love before you arrive at the Thanksgiving table. Be loving, sweet, gentle and kind to yourself all day long.

5. Say a blessing either silently or out loud giving thanks for the miracle of your body, your life and the food that is serving you. Give thanks to the earth, the animal (if you are eating turkey) and all of the hands that made your food possible.

6. Set your intention as to how you want the food your eating to make you feel and how you intend to feel after you eat. Example, “I intend to breathe and eat mindfully and to enjoy my family. I intend to feel light and healthy after I eat.”

7. Breathe deeply in between bites to oxygenate your cells and fill up on prana (life force) rather than food.

8. Put your fork down in between bites and chew each bite at least 20 times for easy digestion.

9. Eat only what looks and feels good to you and try to not overeat. Your belly is really small so why overload it? Be nice to your belly and don’t stuff yourself. You know how horrible that feels.

10. Go for a power walk after you eat for some fresh air and to help your body digest all the foods you’ve eaten.


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