Happy 1-11-11 to you! Today is another powerful gateway to manifest whatever you desire in body, mind and spirit. Be sure that what you are thinking and feeling is in alignment with what your heart truly desires. Take a few minutes right now to breathe, envision and feel your ultimate reality.

Today feels very auspicious to me, can you feel that you truly are a conscious co-creators with the Divine?

A Creative Spiritual Revolution is happening. As people like you and me activate our dreams we put in motion a whole New Paradigm.

I’d like to invite you to watch a new show on Soul Art TV called the  Creative Spiritual Revolution created by my brilliant artist friend, Laura Hollick.

This show features leading edge interviews with

Revolutionary Leaders with inspirational insights to ignite

your own Creative Spiritual Revolution.

Watch the Revolutionary dream unfold…

Click here to watch Revolutionary video

Did I mention the show is free.

Join the Revolution!

In the spirit of the New Paradigm,


P.S.. Guess What?!

I will be one of the Revolutionaries featured on Soul Art TV.

Join me and activate your own Creative Spiritual Revolution!

Join me here

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