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Love Yourself By Nourishing Yourself with this Juice Recipe

May 19th, 2010 | no comments

By Amanda Moxley

I woke up this morning a little tired with a full agenda. Has this ever happened to you?

I choose to love myself by making some delicious and nutritious fresh juice. I pulled out the veggies I had in my fridge, washed, chopped and ran them through my juicer. While preparing this life loving food, I said my affirmations out loud;

“I love myself so I take time to nourish myself with healthy food”
” I love myself so much that I slow down and prepare my family and I the best food on earth”
” I love my life”
” I deserve amazing health”
” I love myself so much that I get to eat organic food”
” I love my body and I love Mother Earth”
” I am worth slowing down and preparing the best food on earth”

I Love Myself Juice Recipe

2 organic carrots
4 ribs organic celery
1 organic gala apple
3 handfuls organic spinach
1 handful sunflower sprouts
1 bit of organic ginger root

Wash, chop and juice all veggies in your juicer while saying your “I love myself” affirmations. Pour juice into the BEST glass or wine glass you have. Bless your juice, give thanks and set an intention for how you want the juice to make you feel.

Notice how you feel all day long.

Repeat the process again tomorrow.

Your Body Transformation Coach,





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