My Goddess Queen Phoebe Rhianna WilliamsMy Goddess Queen Phoebe Rhianna Williams arrived easily and naturally Monday morning via a natural home water birth! We are beyond blessed to welcome this Radiant Light into our heart’s. The birthing experience has portalled me to a whole new dimension of being in my feminine power and essence. The birth was fast and intense and took me to a place I never knew existed within my physical body and soul. The entire journey was a rite of passage along the hero’s journey very much like buidling a successful business and transforming one’s body.

At one point, I wanted to back out, my ego was telling me that I couldn’t do it but I had reached a place of NO RETURN. At that point, my midwife (coach) told me that I had reached the place where most people want to quit or find a back door (go to the hospital or get drugs)  and that by surrendering my will and resistance my body would open and flow. Has this fear, doubt, lack of faith and trust in yourself ever positioned itself in your life?

Amanda in birthing tubIn this moment, I clearly saw the immense value in having a coach (midwife) who believes in you and who knows the journey much better than you on your side at all times to combat your fears and help you claim your dreams much quicker than you ever could on your on.

Surrender, I did. I released and let go and FELT the pain while relaxing my whole body and when it was time to PUSH, I TRUSTED my body’s infinite wisdom to bear down and get my baby out. 25 minutes later, she arrived in the water with her eyes wide open and calm as can be. She didn’t cry a peep, just looked intensely into my eyes and Johnn’s eyes with her SOUL. Amanda, Sawyer & PhoebeWow, God has blessed us with a girl and a boy. I am so grateful!

Sending you love during this beautiful weekend.



P.S. I’d love to extend a warm welcome to all of the new subscribers to my community this week! I love hearing about you so please drop me an email and say “hi” and tell me about you!

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