You popped into my head and heart this morning during my early am journal session and here’s why…yes, we’re at the half way mark of 2017 with 6 months left on the clock and what got you this far, won’t get YOU to where you want to go. Because who you have been is awesome but something MORE is needed to powerfully pull you forward into claiming all of your desires this year and beyond. 

Here’s what I know for sure:

  1. Don’t focus on what has been and try to break it down and recreate it or figure it out
  2. Don’t try to figure out with your “limited thinking mind” how to get all of your goals and desires. Your mind just can’t do it for you.. something BIGGER wants to come through you than you can even perceive of now.
  3. Just decide to act from your High Vibe Future Millionaire Self (or fill in the blank with your own income goal).
  4. Decide it’s yours and CLAIM IT.
  5. Let go of control, yes really release it… just surrender, but that does not mean do nothing, roll over and quit.
  6. Stop focusing on small-minded, little “head down,” staring at “what is” minutia. Instead, chin up, sisters out and eyes on the prize.
  7. Allow yourself to unleash, release and speak your true heart’s desires into existence. Don’t hold back on desire. OWN it, sisters and brothers. I like to write up pages and pages of desires in my journal and why I desire them and how good it feels to receive them.
  8. Go ahead and yield your heart to a rampage of desires!!
  9. Focus forward and commit with all of YOU. If you are 2 feet in, hands off the back door and focus forward with ALL of you, you will GET THERE. 24/7/365 days a year.
  10. Make visuals and place them everywhere —> of your income goals, how you want to feel, how you want to act and what you intend to receive.
  11. Ignore reality especially with your emotions. Of course, be responsible, but don’t be emotionally enthralled in what IS because it’s always changing.
  12. Show up consistently and share your message and serve your tribe. (Get visible with emails, blogs, FB lives, videos, social posts, following up, speaking, events, workshops, retreats, etc.)
  13. Have a service mindset and ask for the sale 24/7. You are in business, after all, it’s not a hobby.
  14. Know your intentions and write them down daily. Money comes from Source.
  15. Do the work.
  16. Act as if…
  17. EXPECT to receive.
  18. Get intimate with money.
  19. TRACK your money daily. Know your 1) daily income, 2) monthly income, 3) year-to-date income, 4) income goal, etc.
  20. Believe in the power of your dreams. Let yourself be loved, claimed and adored by the Divine. You are worthy and deserving of ALL that is in your BIG heart.

These ways of being and living have supported me in consistently creating a multiple 6 figure profitable, portable and playful business for the past 12 years and my intention is in sharing these with you is that they will support you and powerfully pull you forward to your dreams in 2017!! #JFDI

Everything is ENERGY. Aligning to your desires, focusing and tracking and living life with a clear intention and f’in focus is how you too will make your mark!

Are you on track and where you want to be so far in 2017? If no, I’d love to support you in accelerating your income and claiming your goals! Reply back and share with me where you feel stuck! Everything can change, the moment you DECIDE to be it and claim it!



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