Get Visible & Make Bank


Get Visible & Make Bank



Does this Sound Familiar?

You have a powerful transformational story to share, but you need help getting it out there.

You yearn to leverage your life experience and insights to inspire people and help them improve their lives.

You feel stuck and stifled at the level you’re at and you know YOU were born for more.

You’re ready to be seen, heard and prosper BIG TIME, now!

You’re not sure where to start… but you know that you have to do something now.

You’re ready to live your soul’s purpose and help others along the way because man – this world NEEDS you now.

You need clarity on who you are, what you do and how to enroll more clients and make more money. (you may have been stuck here for a while… but don’t worry, we’ve got this!)

You’re ready to own your message, make an impact and feel radiantly confident and in your power – in your business.

If Any of this sounds familiar then you need to JOIN ME FOR GET VISIBLE & MAKE BANK, the premier coaching program for women entrepreneurs who want to be seen, heard and Prosper through sharing their message and impacting more peeps!

15590375_10158167855235495_4933806277689159820_n-2Hi, I’m Amanda Moxley and I bet you have a deep calling and a message within you now that is bursting at the seams. Lots of stuff
has happened to you in your days. You’ve transformed yourself from the inside out.

You’ve been down on your knees praying for mercy and, maybe even made a pact with the Divine that if you could JUST HEAL THIS ONE issue, you would help as many people as you could!

That’s what happened to me, twice! In my twenties, I was literally obsessed with food, had a horrible body image and was a big time emotional eater which made me 20 pounds overweight. After I transformed, I easily released the 20 pounds and have sustained my natural body and bikini weight, even after having 2 babies.

I turned my struggles into a successful 6 figure coaching business by sharing my message through speaking and working with clients in various body transformation programs I created.

But my life lessons were NOT over!

My next big time issue was with money. I was an amazing coach and never had problems receiving clients…but when it came to money, that’s where I would blow it. I rode the feast or famine roller coaster for years and constantly lived in fear and worry that the money would just dry up and I’d be left for nothing. I had fear storms on a regular basis, even though I knew better and I had money in the bank.

So now I was deeply committed to healing this wound – and they say you teach what you want to learn.

I started off speaking and sharing about how to End Your Money Drama and then taught women how to POP their businesses. I spoke on big stages, little stages, live streams, podcasts,  teleclasses, webinars , and on video.

My business grew to multiple six figures and I got to help thousands of women heal their relationship with money while poppin’ their businesses. I even wrote a book about it!

The point here is, YOU HAVE A STORY and a MESSAGE inside of you…even the stuff you used to think you should HIDE… and NOW it’s time for you to sing it from the rooftops.

Why? Because…

Your voice matters.

Your story matters.

You want to get OUT there and be HEARD and SEEN Everywhere.

Now is the time.

You impacting your tribe matters.

The world is waiting for you to shine and to share your light with them in a BIGGER way.

AND by sharing your wisdom authentically this way, the very people you can help the most raise their hands (and their credit cards) to get more of the guidance they can only get from YOU.


Right now you might be feeling stuck, uncomfortable and stifled! You want to break free and reach more people, make a much bigger SPLASH and as a result make more money. You KNOW you could be a major force for good, like some of the women entrepreneurs you admire, instead of settling for so much less for yourself and from yourself.

But maybe you don’t know HOW to do it.

That’s where I come in!

Rock Star Results from Amanda’s Clients

Over the course of one year I completely transformed my money mindset in all aspects of my life thanks to the leadership and guidance of Amanda Moxley. Her coaching made me dive deep into my soul for healing and with daily mantras, affirmations, healthy/active living, and of course JFDI-ing I was able to take my photography and art consulting business from 50K to 200K in one year.


Gillian C. Hunter

Photographer - Art Consultant

Amanda helped me own my value so much that I created a new program that I loooove sharing with my clients. I made more money launching it than I made half of last year.

Courtney Long

Angel Communicator, Life Purpose Intuitive

I ditched my 15 year day job and stable income just weeks before meeting Amanda”

“She helped me blow past my fear storm of leaving security and showed me how to hustle. As a result I wrote my new book in 86 days, quadrupled my mailing list, wrote 2 new programs and had my highest sales day ever. That one day was more money than the prior 4 months added together.

Jessica Wyman

Author of Finding Your Foxy and Girlfriends Organic Kitchen

Join me for the next 4 weeks in GET VISIBLE & MAKE BANK and here’s what we will create together:


Master Your Message to Impact Millions & Make Millions

  • Dive deep into your personal story for the juicy nuggets and key points to create a powerful signature talk that you can repurpose in all of your marketing channels.
  • The past is over, but you can still CASH in on it! Learn how to turn your personal story into your own transformational story to connect with and attract your tribe and make GREAT money doing it!
  • Confidently answer the question “Who am I?” and stand in it for all of the world to see. (This is a throat chakra healer at its finest!)
  • Knowing who you are and confidently standing in your power will magnetize money, ideal clients and send amazing opportunities your way. (We’ll take you through this process!)
  • Stop being afraid of being seen and heard for who you are. Love yourself NOW and allow the abundance into your life.
  • Get crystal clear on mastering your messaging to impact millions & make millions at the same time!


Designing Your Signature Talk from A to Z

Now that you have your messaging and your personal story nailed, it’s time to design your signature talk from A to Z!

This week you will:

  • Craft your talk introduction to create vulnerability, connection and showcase your expertise. (you need all three!)
  • Organize your top 3 to 5 talking points filled with value and tangible action steps to galvanize your audiences.
  • Master the art of gently “seeding” your offers throughout your talk, making the close an easier transition for you, and an easier “yes” for them!
  • Learn how to build trust, respect and deep connection with your audience to help soften the close and make it feel like a GIFT, not a sale.
  • Learn how to activate the “gap”. ( a skill you’ll use in everything you do in business from here on out!)
  • Name your signature talk with a rocking HOT name that attracts the best leads – the ones that convert into cash!
  • Receive a word-for-word script from a talk Amanda delivered that resulted in a $50,000 payday — that you can model for yourself!


Go Big, Grow Your Tribe & Make Bank

By week 3, you’ve created your signature talk from A to Z, you’ve found your voice and you’re ready to go big, grow your tribe and make bank!

This week you will:

  • Craft your hot juicy offer that you can’t wait to share!
  • Learn how to strategically enroll up to 60% of the room or online listeners.
  • Practice asking for the sale so it rolls off your tongue and your ideal clients say YES!
  • Strategically position yourself and your offer so that they are banging down the door to work with you now.
  • Be everywhere and Make Bank by sharing your message via FB livestream, webinars, videos, podcasting and more.


Changing Lives & Closing the Deal

You’re rocking your voice, you have your signature talk dialed in, now it’s time to change lives and close the deal in client strategy sessions!

This week you’ll learn how to :

  • Be the leader and coach your clients are looking for. (after all, they’ve already heard you and raised their hand for your help!)
  • Stay in your power and blast through money objections (which are usually NOT about the money!) so you can close the sale like a pro!
  • Open your heart to love more deeply without fear of rejection.
  • Take a stand for serving your clients and helping them move out of fear and into decisive energy.
  • Learn how to soften the close before you make an offer so it feels better to both of you.
  • ROCK your client strategy sessions every time so everyone comes away feeling energized and honored.
  • Receive deeply so you can remove any inner blocks around deserving or being enough that can derail your sales and ability to serve.

Rock Star Results from Amanda’s Clients

I took my business from 0 to 6 figures in 18 months and I’m only getting stronger!

“While working with Amanda I took my business from 0 to 6 figures in 18 months and I’m only getting stronger! Her grasp and guidance of the inner work necessary to create an exceptional business was invaluable to my growth as a business owner.I love you Amanda, you’re the bomb baby!


Ashley Welton

Messaging Mentor and Copywriter

I made in one month what I used to make in a two years. It took action on my part to align with what I was being coached on. Thank you Amanda, I love you and it’s an honor to know such a committed, fun, light spirit who has such a business mindset.

Jamie Brandenburg


Hiring her as my coach has been, by far, the best thing I’ve EVER done for myself!

Melissa Frederick

Join Get Visible & Make Bank

Join GET VISIBLE & MAKE BANK NOW and you’ll receive:

I’ll be teaching, training and taking you through every detail you need to GET VISIBLE & MAKE BANK over the next 4 weeks with weekly 90 minute training and laser coaching calls ($4,000 Value)

Lifetime access to all call recordings for you to tap into at any moment ($997 Value)

Four GET VISIBLE & MAKE BANK guidebooks filled with templates, scripts, how to’s, specifics and details of how to speak your way to success ($997 Value)

24/7 Access to our Private Online Community Forum with access to me and other like-minded soul-filled sisters (Priceless!)

Bonus: 3-Day “RISE UP: The Power of Profitable Live Events, Imagine Generating a Year’s Worth of Income in a Single Weekend LIVE EVENT – 2 tickets ($2,997 Value)

Bonus: Amanda’s Welcome Kit of Support Materials ($197 Value)

Bonus: Tracking and accountability tools (priceless!)

Bonuses: 2 special reports plus guided visualization: ($194 Value)

Total Value: $9,385

BONUS 3-DAY LIVE EVENT “RISE UP the Power of Profitable Live Events, Imagine Generating a Year’s Worth of Income in a Single Weekend! Join me for a full-immersion 3-day experience where I will teach you ALL my strategies for how to market, lead and fill your own workshops, events and retreats with ideal clients! And we’ll have a ton of fun doing it!

May 2017 in the gorgeous mountain town of Park City, Utah (located 20 minutes East of SLC, International Airport)



Exclusive Offer: Only 4 3 spots available




Featured on Stage Spotlight Speaking Segment at Amanda’s May 2017 Event (Value: $12,000)

Two-hour VIP coaching intensive with Amanda to map out and master your signature talk for the stage and more (Value: $3,000)

Receive photos of you speaking on stage which you can add to your speaker packet and repurpose in all of your marketing channels for years to come (Value: $,500)

On site event coaching from Amanda before and after your speaking segment to support you in shining like the star you are! (Value: $1,500)

GET VISIBLE MAKE BANK 4 week class to master your messaging, learn to sell and design your signature talk from a to z (Value: $2,500)

Leverage Amanda’s network, community and list to instantly (Value: Priceless)

Be automatically seen as the authority and instantly position yourself as the expert you are (Value: Priceless)

Bonus:  Exclusive Interview and Guest Expert Training by YOU to Amanda’s entire database and community (11 years in the making) where you can make an offer and sell a program, product or service after the event!

HOT NEW Bonus # 2: Receive a professional video of YOU speaking on stage from Amanda’s professional videographer.. You can re- purpose this video for years to come in all of your marketing channels.

Bonus # 3: Receive 10 complimentary GIFT tickets to RISE UP 3 day event where you’ll be speaking on stage. Share you tickets with your clients, contacts, friends, family and team members to support YOU and see you SHINING on stage!

Amanda will coach you to rock the STAGE, get visible and and seriously leverage my network, my event and leap frog your business…

Dates and location: May 2017 in the gorgeous mountain town of Park City, Utah (located 20 minutes East of SLC, International Airport)

Join Get Visible & Make Bank NOW if you are ready to:

Get VISIBLE and make a BIG Splash Now

Live your life’s purpose and stop putting off your destiny

Impact more people and create a ripple effect of LIGHT on the planet

Find Your Voice and then SING IT from the Rooftops

Bust through visibility issues and let the world fall in love with you and your big heart

Increase Your Profit by up to 60% (or more!)

Be seen, heard and prosper

What You Can Expect to Manifest, Achieve and Create by Joining Me for GET VISIBLE & MAKE BANK

Finally master your messaging and feel damn good about it

Develop “your seminar story” that builds rapport and trust and turns cold leads into excited ready-to-buy clients and customers

Grow your tribe by speaking, live streaming and sharing your message

Nail down your signature talk and offer which you can repeat, reuse and recycle for years to come – to bring in predictable income

Make the Offer without ANY fear of rejection or being sales-y

I can’t wait for you to get started!

Full Pay 2 Pay Plan

Rock Star Results from Amanda’s Clients

In the first month that I worked with Amanda, I sold $17,000 worth of business coaching, and clients are even flying to Washington State from California and Europe to do work with me. The groups I’ve led in the past year have had more interest than ever before, and have filled up with clients from around the world. My first official keynote speech led to over $7,000 in new income, and I staked my claim as an inspirational speaker this year, because I am meant for the stage.


Ava Waits

Just 2 weeks after my VIP day with Amanda I had sold my own 1/2 Day VIP Day for $1000. After that I went on to offer 3 month programs for $3,000. Now my programs are even more juicy and value packed and I have people coming to me. Without the guidance of Amanda I would not have known where to start or had the confidence to charge what I do.

Now I know my value and I am confident when I tell people the price of my services. I went from knowing nothing about the coaching business to making real big money in just months. I gained valuable industry knowledge and skills on how to make money fast doing what I love. I gained the confidence to be seen, to show myself, share my story, and ultimately offer my gifts to the world with grace and ease. I am now fully established and making the money I desire. Thanks you Amanda.”

Salenta Fox

Love Coach

My business since then has skyrocketed!

I’m now making 8-10K per month regularly. ”I set the intention to manifest $10K and move to California by the time the program was finished. I brought in 8.5K in the first month! I had NEVER made that much money before in one month, and the coolest thing was how easily and gracefully I brought it in. It was so sublime! Amanda’s positivity, her commitment to high frequency living and go-getter guidance was EXACTLY what I needed. I completed the move & found the perfect house in Santa Barbara. PLUS, my business since then has skyrocketed! I’m now making 8-10K per month regularly. I can’t endorse Amanda’s wealth & business coaching enough!”

Kara Gilligan

Peace of Mind Guarantee

I want to make this as easy as possible for you to say “Yes” to creating Get Visible & Make Bank. I’ll even give you the chance to test-drive this program for 7 days at no risk! Receive the first week of course materials and if you discover after fully engaging and participating that this program is not a match for you and your business… Then I will offer you a 100% refund of your money back. This offer is good up until 7 days after your purchase. 

I promise to deliver high quality content and training. I’m confident you will get HUGE value. And I ask that you participate with your whole heart, soul, and business!

Let’s GET YOU VISIBLE to Make Bank together!

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