A little bit about Amanda…

When I first started my biz as a health coach back in 2005, I had no problem getting clients but my money story was seriously f’ed up

I routinely gave away free coaching because I couldn’t ask for the money, or gave my clients years to pay me.

I couldn’t GET why I wasn’t able to “POP” my biz to the level I dreamed of – where clients gladly paid me well for the transformation I created in their lives.

Instead, I ended up manifesting my deepest fear. The money was gone and I mean ALL of it…my savings were drained down to $200! And I am the primary “kale winner” of my family.


But hitting rock bottom was the very best thing
that could have happened to me!

It was time for me to make money.

There were no more BACK doors.

Nobody was going to save my arse. I was either going to make it as an entrepreneur or I was going to die trying. There was no way I was ever going to give up my freedom and go and work for someone else. (Sound familiar?)

I had been sitting on the sidelines for years watching other women POP in their biz and create massive money and freedom. What was wrong with me? I knew what to do and I was confident in my skills as a coach – probably just like you are now.

The TRUTH: All I needed was to JFDI* (just f’in do it).

What life is like now…(and can be for YOU, too!)

What a difference! Within days of getting out of my own way and letting go, I started selling my high-end programs like hotcakes!

From having only that $200…I brought in $54,000 in 6 weeks… within 9 months, I passed 6 figures …

And every year since then, I have more than doubled my income to over 330k a year working just 18 hours a week!

And I get to do this while living in Kauai, Hawaii half the year and the rest of the year from the mountains of Utah.

I don’t tell you this to brag or impress you. I want you to know that there’s NOTHING special about me that isn’t also inside YOU.

I’ve identified exactly what I did. Just like a recipe: if you do what I did, you can have what I have.

And I’m here to help you get cookin’, baby!!

Now is your Time and Your Turn

I’m ready to give you all my secrets and more. I’m thrilled to help you have everything that I do – family, fun and freedom – while making a difference doing what you love.

There’s room up here for everyone – and the world is waiting for YOU and your gifts!

Grab your FREE gift from me and learn how to Heal Your F’in Money Story Once and For all. Download your free gift HERE!

Just enter your deets in the box!

You can do this.

Through my no-B.S. videos, easy-to-follow programs, events and weekly tips I’ll teach you all you need to know to POP your biz to 6 figures and beyond doing what you love- making more and working way less than you ever did!

Amanda’s Professional Bio

Amanda Moxley is the “healthy wealthy biz mentor” who coaches female entrepreneurs how to create profitable, playful and portable businesses. She’s the founder of AmandaMoxley.com and the creator of several popular End Yo’ Money Drama,  Amanda Moxley’s Healthy Wealthy Biz School, The Power of Live Events,  and the Journey to Paradise Master Mind.

Amanda is an award-winning business owner featured in magazines and TV, and a sought-after expert for TV and print media.

Amanda built a solid multiple-six figure coaching business in just under 2 years working 18 hours a week by teaching women in the health and healing industry how to JFDI (just f’in do it).

At the same time, Amanda sets the example for her clients by using her business to fund and fuel her own freedom-based lifestyle, Amanda and her husband Johnn and two children Sawyer and Phoebe,  live in Kauai, Hawaii some months out of the year and spend the rest of the year skiing and playing in the mountains of Utah.

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