I’m sitting here at the St. Regis, overlooking Hanalei Bay and watching ginormous waterfalls descend down the mountains. As I sip on a mac nut cappuccino, I am thinking of you.

11 years ago today, I quit my job as a Cognitive Behavioral Therapist. I remember quitting my job so vividly. I had been working in my mom’s therapy clinic, with the “plan” to one day take it over. HA!! She was out of town and I was in a meeting with my supervisor (a.k.a. her business partner). He said, “Maybe you’re not meant to do this work?” To which I exclaimed “WHAT? You mean I can QUIT and not do this?” He said “YES!! You can quit!” And so I did. It was 6-6-6.

That one decision created a ripple effect of upset for my family, but I was steadfast in my decision. I knew I was a natural born entrepreneur with a renegade, trail blazing, rule breaking spirit and it’s what my soul wanted. In the end, my loving mom shared, “I realized I was more attached to you doing this than you were. I am happy for you and I know you will do well, no matter what.” She’s the best.

Shortly after I quit my job, I was giving a ‘free talk” at the community center at our local ski resort, Alta. I think 3 women were in attendance, 2 of which became my clients. The cool thing was that I had already mapped out my exact schedule for when I would see my clients before I had any paying clients so when they enrolled, they requested the EXACT times I had already marked out in my calendar.

Next thing you know, Johnn and I were jumping out of a perfectly working airplane (a.k.a. Sky Diving) and with my arms spread out wide, free falling from the sky, I was affirming and yelling out loud, “I am ONE with the Universe”!

And that is how I started…jumping out of an airplane and affirming my new found belief that YES I can create everything and anything I want. I’ve never looked BACK, all of these 11 years!

JFDI is my motto, as you know. So when I saw there was an 8 mile race here on the island on Saturday, I decided to JFDI and run the thing. Signed up, got the t-shirt and ran the beautiful coastline from Ha’ena to Hanalei! I’ve never ran that far in my life, HA!

It was a spiritual experience (along with extremely painful towards the end), but when I was in my ZONE, I started thinking about the work I get to do and how entrepreneurship is the ultimate self development course on the planet and how much I have healed and transformed over these years.

Then I started to think about YOU and I started crying because I can feel the ripple effect of the work I get to do in the world and how it touches, uplifts, shifts, transforms and changes the lives of my tribe and then in turn YOU go out and transform YOUR tribe, your children, family, your DNA, past and future generations and so much more.

The message here is YOU matter and just don’t GIVE UP!

Your work is a blessing on this planet at this time.

Your tribe needs you and so does your soul, so dive deeper, show up more to serve, expect to succeed and let yourself receive.

Thank you for being with me on this journey, 11 years in the making!! I love you!!

Oh.. ya.. here’s the replay from yesterday’s call you can listen online or watch it here from my Biz Page (be sure to like it too!).

or listen here!

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