I wish you were sitting here next to me, I’m in Kauai, Hawaii with my family for 2 weeks vacation and it’s absolutely JAW dropping (mouth agape) beautiful. I absolutely love it here. (Join me Monday at 4 EST for a free Facebook training livestream + call from this VIEW, call in details below).

When we we were shopping around where to stay online last month, I took my husband Johnn’s advice to heart “We have an epic view at home, we better have one on our trip.” So we booked the two bedroom condo with 180 ocean views!! Yes, it cost more, but the value of your environment is priceless. Looking out at the infinite ocean expands my consciousness and belief in what is possible. Environment is key to success.

I’m all about upping my #normal because you GET what you think and feel is normal. For so long, I identified with being the scraper, just get by, I don’t need much, play small, I’ll just have a little, sacrifice mentality. I made myself wrong for wanting more. I had a bad habit of shrinking and playing small. Can you relate?

No one is ever going to hand you what you want on a silver platter. You have to claim it. That’s the only difference between those who are living their dream lives and those who are not. It’s a choice. It’s a decision. And you get to choose if you’re VIFP or a scrap dog (which I was for most of my life). Now I choose to be a VIFP. It’s a choice.

What do you want your new normal to be like? Get clear on that.

Your current thinking is just a habit.

Your beliefs are like well worn out clearly defined grooves in your mind.

Success is a habit.

It’s amazing how much of your current reality is a result of your unconscious habits.

That’s why getting a change of scenery and upping your environment is so good for success.

For example, at home, in the bathroom, the toilet paper is on the right of the lou. And here in our beach rental, the TP is on the LEFT of the lou. Do you know EVERY time, I catch myself automatically GOING to the right when the TP is NOT there. HABITS. Unconscious habits.

Take a look at your thought habits about success, money, business and life right now. Are they in alignment with where you are going and what you want to create?

Grab your journal and write out your #New Normal…. what do you want?

Here’s an example:

It’s normal for me to win my way to success

It’s normal for me to get everything I ask for

It’s normal for me to feel amazing, lean, toned, light, fit and happy

It’s normal for me to feel so supported, loved, adored, cherished and desired

It’s normal for me to feel rich, be rich, act rich

It’s normal for me to receive and serve 6 figure months

It’s normal for me to receive

It’s normal for me to give generously and always feel abundant and know that money is always here for me, has always been here for me

It’s normal for me to be myself, help others and make a massive difference on the planet

It’s normal for me to reach all of the goals and intentions I set for myself

It’s normal for me to allow in and receive money all day and night even when I am sleeping and on vacation

It’s normal for me to have high vibe, healthy, fun entrepreneurial friends who are creating their lives and changing the world

It’s normal for me to see my tribe grow by tens of dozens every day and night

Now it’s your turn, go ahead and write out in your journal your new normal.

Watch your vibe shift to a higher frequency and life, get tons more magical and fun!

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