Paula Lacobara

Women’s Empowerment Coach

Paula Lacobara is a women’s empowerment coach who specializes in supporting women step into their power without sacrificing their femininity in their lives.

Paula is mostly known for helping women feel fully confident and aligned with their deepest desires so they can live their truth unapologetically and create life on THEIR terms.

She takes a stand for women honoring their beautiful, wild and powerful selves.

She guides women individually and in groups as well as hosting Wild Woman Retreats in Isla Mujeres, Mexico.

Having built two successful 6-figure businesses in the last five years, she’s also passionate about guiding ambitious women to apply feminine principles in their business so they can live with truth, passion, purpose and create authentic relationships and long lasting success.

Empowered Woman Guide Ebook


The Empowered Woman Guide: Do you yearn to feel strong, confident, powerful and feminine? This 79 page guide will take you through a series of easy and FUN exercises that will help you instantly tap into your truth and power.

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