Nancy Da Costa

Financial Educator and Wealth Trainer


Nancy Da Costa is a wealth trainer, financial educator, international speaker, and recovering accountant. She loves money and finance and teaching about how it really works.

Nancy went to school for accounting and eventually became a CPA, and has even worked on Wall Street in New York City. She thought that the accounting profession and Wall Street of all things would teach her all about money but that’s something she learned elsewhere.

Now that she has a way better understanding of how money works, she’s embraced her mission to teach what’s really missing in conventional investing wisdom.

Nancy’s purpose is to educate and inform as many people as possible about the threats and opportunities that exist to your money and wealth, so that you can then use that knowledge to do something about it. Because without the vision and education, we can make no real progress in this area.

Clear Your Moneyvision – free training inside!


In this free video training, Nancy will teach you what the biggest single threat to your wealth and money is right now (even if you’re investments and business are working hard for you). She’ll also be teaching you why it’s super important that you thoroughly understand how money and investments are manipulated if you’re making any kind of financial decision, and the underneath your nose way that governments are able to get away with stealing the wealth of tens of millions of people.

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