Melissa Pharr

Online Business and Wealth Creation Coach


Melissa Pharr began her entrepreneurial journey in September of 2009 and has launched several businesses since. It wasn’t until August of 2014 that she landed on her dime as an Online Business and Wealth Creation Coach. Since then, Melissa has quickly grown her business from zero to a seven-figure online empire. She has made it her mission to bring feminine financial freedom and empowerment to other powerful, passionate and smart women who have no idea how to begin making the necessary money to go from simply surviving to absolutely thriving in life and online business.

This is a subject she knows all too well because she has lived it herself. After quitting a successful career in management that had finally afforded her financial stability to bravely pursue her dream of becoming an entrepreneur, she found herself in that very predicament and needing to start over in an industry that was new to her. Today, Melissa continuously sells out her 1:1 coaching practice and constantly has women lining up on her wait-list to join her multi-six-figure group program launches. She is becoming a master at passive income streams as well, via her online information products.

She is so passionate about sharing the knowledge she has amassed throughout her journey and supporting women in their path to creating their own six-figure months, because she wants to help them achieve in a matter of months, what took her several long years of tears, sweat and sleepless nights.

Mel’s vast catalog of products and services range in price from FREE to $25K and cover subjects from cultivating a success mindset to deconstructing the sales process. Her products and services include: 5 & 7-day challenges, webinars, online mini-courses, a new group program titled Design Your Dream Team, her signature group program called From UnderEarner to Unforgettable, a Private 1:1 coaching program known as the Ascend Private Mentorship Program and a Mastermind program known as the Ascend Mastermind.

For more information about Mel and her products, you can check out her website,, or join her Facebook community, The Feminine Affluent Entrepreneur.

“Business systems and structures aren’t hard, but becoming more of yourself… that’s the work not everyone is willing to do.” – Melissa Pharr

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