Laura Wright

Super Sales Ninja + Your Go To Gal For Being EPIC At Sales


With over 18+ years of selling experience and 39+ million in sales under Laura Wright knows that while you MUST sell to BE in business, you don’t have to struggle or feel slimy while you do it. Her mission is to support Entrepreneurs just like YOU to master the art of selling in a way that feels GREAT and creates EPICALLY High close rates.

5 Steps to Yes On Your Next Sales Call

You MUST sell to be in business. But you don’t have to sell out, or feel slimy while you do it. In fact, the most effective and life- and business-transforming sales conversations are filled with LOVE. If you’ve ever wished someone would just lay out a super simple formula to follow – one you could count on to get more clients, more money and more impact, this is for you.

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