Baeth Davis

The Palm Pilot for the Soul of Your Business

For nearly 19 years, Baeth’s passionate professional focus has been to help thousands of entrepreneurs and spiritual seekers discover their Life Purposes, get paid for their passions and find soul satisfaction through a breakthrough, time-proven system called Scientific Hand Analysis. Baeth’s unique form of spiritual teaching balances metaphysical spirituality (defining and understanding one’s purpose as you came here to live it) with real-world business skills and strategy.

As Featured in Women’s World, Cosmopolitan, and Los Angeles Times and heard on Radio Europe, NPR, and the BBC-5 as well as seen on the internet and television, Baeth is an advisor to people in the healing professions, coaching, business, the arts and many other industries. While commanding $1500 per hour for her private hand analysis sessions, Baeth’s wisdom is also available through her online classes, mentoring and live events as well as her accessible home study education programs.

3-Part Tutorial on Your Life Purpose


Discover the dynamics behind scientific hand analysis and how your fingerprints reveal your Life Purpose!

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