Amanda Frances

Spiritual Boss Lady


Amanda Frances is a success coach for women entrepreneurs, a digital course creator, and a soulful business guru to the tens of thousand of women who follower her work online.

Amanda’s mission is to empower women to “design lives and businesses that they are wildly obsessed with.”

She daily strives toward this through her rapidly growing social media presence, the continual creation of digital courses, A true self-made women, and other online training programs, and a free weekly video blog series.

After putting herself through graduate school, Amanda taught herself how to build her first website. She determined to overcome her debilitating fears and limiting beliefs around starting and growing a business. 

Five short years later, Amanda Frances Inc. earned over half a million dollars in 2016.

Becoming Your Brand

For people to hire you, they need to know you. What you put out there online + how you brand yourself allows them to get to know you.

Want to grow a following that supports your work, engages on your social media pages, buys every single offer you create and fiercely loves your work?

I created this to help you: Attract the right followers of your work, know what to share on social media each day, take steps today improve your online presence so you can create a brand that get’s you noticed. And get’s you paid.

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