Alison Estill

Wise Women Productions

Alison Estill lives and works in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, with her amazing life partner, while raising their beautiful 3yr old son.

She practices and embodies the principles of self mastery, shadow work, intentional abundance and conscious relationships.

Alison is a multi-talented entrepreneur, who incorporates her knowledge and experience of magic, miracles, and manifestation into a unique, life affirming form, of transformational business coaching.

She co-creates, with her clients, synthesizing and awakening their gifts, and funnels them into the direction of their own unique, juicy and uplifting brand, that allows them to serve in a divinely sensual and feel good way.

Alison works collaboratively with her partner Andrea Iapaolo, at Wise Women Productions.

Above all, Alison inspires women to come to the realization, that the life and business of their dreams, is in their hands to create. It simply takes a decision, a commitment and some daily practice.

BELIEF: a short course growth challenge on how to reprogram your limiting beliefs.


BELIEF; A 10 day workshop on reprogramming your subconscious beliefs

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